Veterans in the Workplace: Why Hire Veterans?

veterans at work

Some businesses may be hesitant to hire veterans because of the assumption that they could potentially find transitioning from the military life to civilian life difficult. As a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business, Fortuna BMC believes in the value of hiring veterans in the workplace. We acknowledge the importance of their military experience where they acquired exceptional skills such as communication, leadership, integrity, and more.


A universal skill required for most jobs is communication. The military requires clear communication between team members. Veterans bring in these greatly enhanced communication skills to a business’s workplace which will help further goals and strengthen teams.


Veterans value leadership. They understand how to manage behaviors easily and practically in ways that produce the best results, despite how difficult the situation may be. They also understand the hierarchal and peer structure dynamics of leadership.


Veterans practice self-discipline in following confidentiality standards because of several classified information that are involved with military work. This practice of self-discipline set themselves up for success, specially in the workforce.


Veterans come from an environment that strongly focuses on teams. Teams may include squadrons, platoons and units where troops all must work together. These types of environments create some of the wonderful teamwork we could possibly ask for. The level of teamwork they can bring to your company will not only ensure that work gets done, but it can help create a healthy work environment as well.


Military training allows them to adapt to new situations quickly and easily. They are familiar with change and know how to deal with it. This allows for productivity to stay consistent without causing them to fall behind. Most employers specifically look for flexible candidates because it means they will have almost no problem learning their new responsibilities or meet challenges head-on.

There are other reasons why business leaders should bring more veterans onto their teams. All these skills and experiences act as advantages for both businesses and the veterans themselves.

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