Tips for a Successful Virtual Office

Having a successful virtual office

Fortuna BMC has always supported remote work setup since it has always been the backbone of our business. If you are considering remote work as a permanent option for your business, here are some useful tips for a successful virtual office setup, based on our own experience.

Maximize Technology Tools

We spent the previous year optimizing with the right technologies that allowed us to expand our scope and capabilities. We utilized CRM solutions for our company processes and client interactions. Having a CRM tool benefitted us with an integrated framework that defined process and procedures for each of our team members.

Use a Centralized Task Management System

One approach to ensure your team’s success, when in a virtual office setup, is having a centralized task management system. By using a project management tool, we are able to track how we are performing. Therefore, it gives us more trust knowing that the work is being done and the team is staying on track.

Keep Your Team Connected

Encourage interpersonal connectivity because it motivates your team to be more excited to go work. Having a team that gets along helps prevent “Zoom fatigue” and makes work less taxing. Allow your team to connect on a personal level. For instance, sharing happenings outside work. This will then result in genuine relationships and help humanize your team as individuals.

Involve Your Team

Involving the team in the financial performance of the business is a proven employee motivator for our organization. Inspiring innate competitiveness within each member, keeping scores through our financials and sharing the prosperity of the business with the whole team, motivates everyone to win and thrive with the company.

Tap into the Global Workforce

Fortuna BMC tapped into the global workforce and recruited people from all over the world to run our our remote support services. We are able to operate our company from anywhere in the world thanks to our stable cloud-based systems. Moreover, maximizing the global workforce resulted in more savings and higher revenue.

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