The Challenges of Recruiting High-Quality Talent


Research shows that every corporate job listing attracts 250 resumes. Out of this number, only four to six applicants will be invited for an interview, and only one will be offered employment.  

For many employers, talent acquisition is one of the most difficult parts of running a business. On the one hand, there is a shortage of skilled talent available. On the other hand, reviewing endless resumes and applications takes up a lot of time and resources. The post-pandemic world has also changed the way firms interview and screen potential candidates.  

In a time of economic uncertainty, the need to build a more resilient workforce has become even more critical. Organizations will need to step up their hiring strategies despite shrinking HR teams and limited opportunities for human interaction.   

A shortage of skilled talent

A recent study shows that seven in ten employers worldwide struggle to hire skilled workers in high-demand sectors, including IT, sales, marketing, manufacturing and production, and operations and logistics. Additionally, 69% of employers globally struggle to find talents who possess the right mix of soft skills and technical expertise.  

Many technical industries face a significant talent gap which makes recruitment challenging. In other words, there just aren’t enough physicians, data analysts, software engineers, and other types of skilled workers with the expertise and experience to fill the vacancies in those sectors.  

Expanding candidate reach

To find those rare quality unicorn hires and connect with a wider talent pool, employers will have to adopt a multichannel recruitment strategy.  

Nowadays, companies post job listings across all possible channels, from social networks and online forums to college newsletters. Many recruitment teams also take advantage of career events, academic networks, and internal and external employee referrals.  

Meet your recruitment needs with Fortuna BMC

While there’s no doubt that the right candidates are out there, HR teams will have to reimagine their sourcing strategy. However, proactively growing one’s talent pool requires countless hours and effort.  

If you want to find high-quality candidates, stop wasting time on manual sourcing and outsource your recruitment to Fortuna BMC.  

We have vast experience in recruiting large-scale and rapid deployments even at short notice. Our team oversees the entire recruitment process, from initial screening to onboarding and day-to-day staff management. We recruit hard-to-find talent on a nationwide basis and deliver candidates wherever your project site is located.  

One of our successful recruitment projects involved a client who needed urgent help in sourcing a Tenable Security Engineer for a short-term project. The role is considered a tech unicorn, and qualified talent is extremely hard to find. Despite time limitations, on-site requirement, and the rarity of the position, Fortuna BMC was able to screen and secure the right person for the job within 48 hours.  

Our recruitment process includes the following:

  1. Discussion with clients 
  1. Sourcing 
  1. Screening  
  1. Shortlisting 
  1. Submission of candidates 
  1. Interview coordination 
  1. Onboarding and hiring coordination 
  1. Post-hiring candidate management 

Depending on your industry and project requirements, Fortuna BMC  provides teams and candidates within 24 to 72 hours. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your recruitment goals.  

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