Pride in the Workplace: Recognizing Diversity

pride in the workplace

If acceptance and diversity went hand-in-hand, what would happen? PRIDE happens. Pride is a celebration for everyone, by everyone. For decades, members of the LGBTQIA+ have struggled with their right to express themselves however they wanted to, as well as their civil rights. Every June we celebrate what has been accomplished but we continue to move towards change and equality.

So, how can your company not only celebrate pride, but benefit from embracing LGBTQIA+ employees?

Strengthens the workplace

Having employees from all walks of life is a good way towards an inclusive community. You strengthen the workplace by continuously growing together as a work family and focusing on your people. This is the first step in creating a productive environment. It is a safe space where everyone can be whoever they want to be. Making sure that everybody can freely express themselves will be your ticket to a positive work experience.

Promotes open communication

As you promote inclusivity in the organization, LGBTQIA+ employees can provide essential different perspectives to your business and for your clients. Accepting each other’s differences allows open communication when employees do not fear personal attacks just because of preferences. Diversity helps us understand not only our clients, but our employees. New ideas are easier to get, which improve working as a team, and individually.

Contributes to business success

We have to recognize that the success of a business is connected to the success of the employees. This is important because people make up the business. Keeping a positive work environment is one of the keys to business success that will enhance employees’ interactions with partners, clients, and customers.

Fortuna BMC, a DVBE and HUBZone certified business, proudly values providing quality service, while encouraging and supporting diversity. With each demand for change, we answer with openness and respect. That is how we move forward. Not only do we walk with pride, but we live with PRIDE.

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