Fortuna Receives North Carolina’s HUBZone Certification

North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Administration’s Office certified Fortuna Business Management Consulting (BMC) as a qualified Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBZone) Information Technology (IT) firm under the Statewide Uniform Certification Program (SWUC). Therefore, this allows us to do business in North Carolina with other firms and government entities. So what does this mean?

About the Statewide Uniform Certification Program

The SWUC has three main aims:

  • simplify the certification of HUBZone Businesses
  • establish a set of uniform standards for firm certification
  • establish a single database that stores information for all firms certified to participate in Statewide Uniform Certification in any location

The initiative enables firms in the HUBZone to expand their operations. This is mainly for the use of state departments, agencies, institutions, and political subdivisions of the state.  As a result, the HUBZone program makes use of the state’s available economic possibilities.

What is a HUBZone Program?

The Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) refers to an area which is made up of firms and businesses that adhere to the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) guidelines. For instance, under the standards of North Carolina, the program is committed to minimizing restrictions to HUB participation in contracts for products and services bought by state agencies, educational institutions, and towns.

Why Be HUBZone Certified

The program certification confirms that organizations seeking certification meet the qualifying requirements, as outlined in the provided guidelines under the Office for HUB.

Moreover, the business requesting certification has the responsibility of proving to the HUB Office that it satisfies the qualifications. These are in terms of operating status, group membership, handicap, social and economic disadvantage, ownership and control, as long as with sufficient evidence. Fortuna BMC proudly meets all the criteria.

We look forward to our business growth and development in North Carolina. If you have a partnership opportunity in North Carolina, please contact us. We also provide free consultations regarding your business’s needs.

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