Data Backup Tips for Your Business

data backup tips

World Backup Day is a non-profit project that aims to raise awareness of data backups and data preservation. It is a day to acknowledge the growing importance of data in our lives. Moreover, it is a day to focus on protecting our increasingly intangible history and cultural works for future generations. World Backup Day aims to reach those who have never backed up before and do not yet understand what backing up data means.

A backup is a copy of all of your vital data. You keep another copy of this data somewhere secure instead of keeping it all in one place. There are many ways to lose data — lost or stolen devices, accidents and of course, cyberattacks. Having a backup should be a mandatory component of your technology use strategy. Here are some tips  on data backup that will be useful for your business:


Include Multiple Backups

Multiple backups are essential for your backup and recovery plan. Replicating your data through several data centers is ideal. An even better strategy is to store your data with two separate storage services or cloud vendors. This will allow your files to live on multiple, disconnected networks.

Review and Analyze Your Backups Regularly

You can’t simply trust your backups will operate on their own. It is important to analyze backups regularly, either manually or by a tracking and alerting system. It’s also important to fix any backup problems on a regular basis to avoid turning minor issues into major concerns.

Have a Data Recovery Plan

Any company, regardless of scale, must recognize and evaluate business risks. Additionally, recording and clearly communicating what should be done when a disaster occurs is very important. When writing a disaster recovery or business continuity plan, it is essential to consider risks and events that may occur outside IT.

Encrypt Your Backups

It is crucial to encrypt your backups in the event your network or cloud providers are hacked.  End-to-end encryption should be offered by your cloud service provider, guaranteeing the data is secured. This can prevent a third-party hacking your systems and data if they were to come across your backups or access an online system.


It’s critical to understand the financial implications of losing data or system access for an extended period of time. You’ll be able to balance risk against a budget if you can calculate the risks of various loss scenarios. Fortuna BMC can help your business in terms of Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning. We deliver security solutions to improve your performance as well as meet industry and federal IT requirements and guidelines. These include, but not limited to, FISMA, HIPAA, NIST, ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS. 

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