Common Management Problems and How to Resolve Them

Proper management is crucial to the success of a company. In fact, a manager affects 70% of team enthusiasm and engagement. Most employees consider their managers more as mentors than bosses. For this reason, managers must achieve a balance between authority, respect, compassion, and friendliness.

This is not an easy task, and some challenges are bound to appear. Learning how to overcome them is the first step to improving your managerial skills.

Read below to discover the most common management issues and solutions.

Becoming a Manager

The first obstacle managers face is the transition from co-employee to manager. Depending on your team, this might be a positive experience. But it can also bring jealousy and distrust. The issues will likely disappear once your team starts trusting you as a leader.

So, instead of boasting, show your team you genuinely care about their success and wellbeing. Focus on sharpening your leadership skills and emotional intelligence.

Building Trust

There are many ways to foster trust within your team. Start by creating a liberating and empathetic environment, highlighting transparency, organizing team-building exercises, complimenting work, and creating opportunities for employees to showcase their expertise.

Conflict Resolution

The first step to conflict resolution is to schedule a meeting where both parties can describe their side of the story. You should establish a respectful and safe environment while carefully listening to both sides. Try to pinpoint all the underlying problems and unsatisfied needs to find a compromise that will benefit all parties.

Time Management

Time management is a skill that many people need to master. It will not only help you manage your obligations, but it will also boost your team’s productivity.

The three most important parts of time management are learning how to prioritize tasks, setting boundaries, and taking the initiative to complete objectives. Don’t shy away from consulting coaches and learning time management methods.

Expanding the Team

Finding the perfect candidate out of dozens or even hundreds of applications may seem impossible at first. However, the task is easy once you learn to switch perspectives.

Instead of focusing on communication skills and qualifications, you must consider whether the candidate aligns with company values. It’s better to choose someone who will fit the team than someone with jaw-dropping qualifications but doesn’t align with company values and goals.

Overcome Management Challenges with Fortuna

Company management is a dynamic and unpredictable profession, and one never knows when another challenge will arise. However, management is also the key to the success of your business, especially since it influences employee engagement and wellbeing.

Highly motivated teams boost profitability by 21%. So, if your company is having managerial issues, solving them should be your priority.

Fortuna – The Professionals you Need

Don’t shy away from professional help. The team at Fortuna consists of compassionate and highly qualified staff ready to lend a helping hand to all managers in the US.

We are a business management consulting company with years of experience and a wide range of services.  Contact us today to get access to our contact center support, staff augmentation, information security, IT consulting, project management, and enterprise resource planning services.


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