Choosing Staff Augmentation For Your Business’s Needs

staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is a means of extending a team’s capacity. It is a flexible outsourcing means that allows you to get IT professionals all over the world. This also helps you directly manage your enlarged team. The individuals you select will match your needs for short-term or long-term periods.

Vendors, such as Fortuna Business Management Consulting (BMC), allow you to provide your in-house development team with certified technical resources. As the vendor, Fortuna BMC would take on the responsibility and costs associated for:

  • Recruiting for your specific business need
  • Onboarding your selected candidate
  • Managing your new full-time recruits

In other words, remote developers employed by a staff expansion firm are committed to one project at a time.

Staff Augmentation Versus Other Outsourcing Methods

How does staff augmentation differ from other methods of outsourcing?

The managed services model, as an example, usually focuses on the management of IT issues. In this model, processes focus on the daily operations in the projects. The vendor usually handles most of the project management.

With staff augmentation, this model focuses more on operations regarding outsourcing while letting the clients handle the core business tasks.

When it comes to hiring dedicated development teams, this is only ideal for long-term projects. Gathering the team itself would take longer as compared to the immediate recruitment in staff augmentation.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

It is for your team if you value flexibility, security, cost, and general efficiency.

  1. Flexibility comes with a bigger set of people to choose from. It would also be easier to add necessary team members at any time. Immediate recruitment also becomes possible with this.
  2. Staff augmentation allows better management of costs as well. Since expenses regarding used facilities and other miscellaneous fees are taken care of by the vendor, you are given the opportunity to focus on other things instead. Compared to on-demand staffing, it allows the vendor to handle most of the expenses that would usually be shouldered by the client.
  3. Even with third-party influence over recruitment and staffing, the company still has complete authority in handling project operations. Thus, it allows the company to directly overlook and monitor the current processes in development. This also enables the company to respond immediately to issues they may experience while the project is on-going.

Getting to know what it offers and what it is all about is the first step in maximizing staff augmentation. Knowing other outsourcing alternatives helps you know whether this is really for your team.

Fortuna BMC, a Disabled Veteran Owned Business (DVOB) and Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) certified business, offers staff augmentation services to businesses such as yours who need it. Contact us today for our free consultation or visit our website at


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