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The Overview

Fortuna BMC demonstrated its recruitment capabilities when a client reached out for assistance in sourcing a Tenable Security Engineer for a short-term project. The position was an essential part of the project and was needed urgently. Despite the time constraint, rarity of the position and on-site requirement, Fortuna BMC was able to confirm a qualified candidate within 48 hours.

The Challenge

The client had an urgent need for a Tenable Security Engineer for a short-term project. The required job role is a rare position, which is considered an “IT unicorn” in the industry. IT unicorns are very unique roles with rare and highly-valued tech skills. Potential candidates with the applicable qualifications for the role usually go for long-term contracts, therefore making it more challenging to source qualified candidates. Fortuna BMC was only given 48 hours to confirm the resource to the client and deliver the candidate on site and in person. Moreover, the client also required the staff to be based on site during the entire duration of the project. 

Our Solution

Fortuna BMC acted promptly upon receipt of the request from the client and followed its recruitment process on the double.  After the discussion of job requirements and package, Fortuna BMC’s recruitment team simultaneously posted on job boards and searched their talent database. However, the hiring experts at Fortuna BMC also knew that the probability of sourcing such an “IT unicorn” role will be higher through LinkedIn Recruiter. Thus, the recruitment manager at that time personally took charge of searching through LinkedIn Recruiter, having an in-depth experience in using the platform. The entire team did not waste a minute, and within 24 hours they were able to shortlist someone fit for the role. Fortuna BMC coordinated the interview with the clients and within the next 24 hours, the candidate was confirmed, reference checks were done and the employment contract was signed. 

Transparency and constant communication were important factors that led to the successful hiring of the candidate. Fortuna BMC’s recruitment team were transparent in communicating all the job details and what it entails, being a short-term project that will only last for a month and the need to be on site. Aside from finding the right candidate for the position, Fortuna BMC’s team went beyond recruitment and also assisted in the travel arrangements of the candidate, such as searching and booking flights as well as accommodation.

Fortuna BMC is able to recruit nationwide, having a talent pool based anywhere in the United States, and deliver locally wherever your project is located. The company strives to be the People–People — your pros at getting the right people in the right place with the right tools, in your time and in your budget. 

The Outcome

Despite the rarity of the position and time constraints, Fortuna BMC was able to deliver the right candidate matching all the qualifications that were required by the client for the Tenable Security Engineer role. Fortuna BMC still partners with the client for their recruitment and staffing needs, specifically “unicorn” hires. The company has also been the client’s go-to partner for on-demand team building such as consulting and implementation teams including project managers, business analysts and technical support teams specific to the project needs. 

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