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The Overview

Fortuna BMC demonstrated its unique value proposition of being backed by practicing professionals to help a client overcome an unforeseen challenge. An essential member of a critical short-term project suddenly resigned, leaving a great deal of responsibilities unsupported. Fortuna BMC was able to step in and avert the crisis by having a ready resource to take over the position. The situation opened an opportunity for Fortuna BMC to expand its existing role by assuming additional responsibilities while still following the project’s timeline.

The Challenge

The client faced an unexpected resignation of its instructional specialist, a critical member for an ongoing technology implementation of a state government healthcare administration platform. The specialist had been assigned key responsibilities: roll out the data management platform as well as conduct a series of trainings to operate it. Unfortunately with no established redundancy plan to backfill talent or compensate manpower, the unforeseen resignation jeopardized the client’s ability to deliver and complete the project as scheduled.

Our Solution

Fortuna BMC is comprised of technology experts and practicing professionals who are committed to excellence in providing the most efficient and innovative IT solutions. Fortuna BMC’s practicing experts were pre-positioned to re-equip the client immediately. And although the company was already supporting the client with the ongoing implementation for takeover transition support for the project , it was able to back up the client by assigning one of its experts to fill in the critical position. The company’s team of experts comprised the entire takeover team — project managers, business analysts, developers. Fortuna BMC was able to offer more than what was expected from them including coaching and developing the client’s team, allowing the client to invest on its employees as well as resulting to a more committed team for the project.

The Outcome

Fortuna BMC’s ability to supply specialized personnel is one of its core competencies and differentiators. Going beyond being a staffing company, Fortuna BMC’s ready bench of practicing professionals meant that they were prepositioned to fill vacancies according to the client’s needs, anticipated or otherwise. Additionally, Fortuna BMC’s low overhead maneuverability allowed this support to be provided without delay.

Fortuna BMC’s 20-man team contributed more than 30,000 hours in the process of assisting the client’s successful takeover and transition of a statewide healthcare administration platform, including unforeseen support. The company was able to keep this critical project on track. Moreover, the short-term support highlighted Fortuna BMC’s capabilities and built a successful working relationship that resulted to other long-term deliverables with the client.

Project Deliverables

Transition of operational services from existing vendor to the new operations team.

  • Designed and developed the software.
  • Established project management practices and procedures.
  • Quality assurance, testing and configuration of new toolsDeveloped Project Management Office (PMO) and Microsoft Project Online (MFPO).
  • Provided administrative support.
  • Build teams to maintain the program.
  • Conduct series of trainings to roll out the project management methodology for State of California.
  • Department of Public Health (government agency partner)

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