Business Tip: Focus on Your People

Fortuna Business Management Consulting

As a leader and business owner, it is important to take care of what matters most for our business — our employees. Remote work has been the backbone of doing our business. Even before the pandemic, Fortuna BMC has already been supporting virtual office setup.  But despite the remote work setup, we always make sure to take care of our employees. Keeping our employees involved and motivated are keys to business success.

Involving our employees in the performance of the business is one of the proven employee motivators for our organization. Inspiring innate competitiveness within each member by keeping scores through our financials, motivates everyone to win with the company. We also make sure to share the success of our business with the whole team.

Fortuna BMC also keeps our team motivated through encouraging interpersonal connectivity. Having a team that gets along makes work less taxing. It also encourages our team to be more excited to go to work. Allowing them to connect on a personal level and share happenings outside work results in genuine relationships. This helps humanize our team as individuals.

Taking care of our people will not only result in our company’s success. It will also build trust and loyalty from our team. This will result in higher retention rate, which would mean a more stable company. An inspired and motivated team will go above and beyond their work even without asking them. This would reflect on how employees will deal with partners, clients and customers.

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