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Employee resignations impact operations regardless of the rank of the employee leaving the team. According to a recent study, a company spends six to nine months’ worth of monthly wages to replace a salaried employee. Earlier studies by the Center for American Progress (CAP) also calculated the cost of turnover at 21 percent of the replaced employee’s annual salary (except for physicians and executives).

These are only the costs of hiring and training new employees. The financial repercussions of one person leaving a void in the operations (especially if it is a crucial role), however, is another matter.

The Double Blow of Business Interruptions

Even if a key employee departs and a project has to stop, other employees still remain on the project and need to be paid daily, nonetheless. So business interruptions are twice, thrice, or more times more expensive because the company has to keep paying the overhead costs without generating income from the halted project.

Solution: Client Support and Staff Augmentation

Such turn of events is what we’re here to prevent. Fortuna BMC is unique in that we’re not just a business consulting company. We also provide services that our clients urgently need, and we provide them remotely.

Our Services

Client support addresses the need to fill a vacancy as quickly as possible. Fortuna BMC can provide for this need because we are composed of practicing professionals with years of previous or ongoing experience holding different positions in different industries.

Fortuna BMC’s team and network of remote professionals can temporarily fill in for vacant roles while the management looks for the best candidates for the job. The point of this service is to ensure that the business can continue to operate smoothly despite the unexpected departure of one or more of its key employees.

Our service is especially important if the vacated position is a leadership one. Fortuna BMC has project managers, business analysts, IT specialists, and developers who can jump right into the fray and keep the interruption to a negligible minimum.

Additionally, we are a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB). Companies that hire us are able to experience special privileges that are only available to businesses in contractual partnership with SDVOBs.

Case Study: How Fortuna BMC Solved the Staffing Needs of a Client

One of our clients was at risk of halting a critical, short-term project because an essential member of the team quit at very short notice. Fortuna BMC averted the crisis by assuming the responsibilities left behind by the resigned employee.

Our advantage is we have a pool of practicing professionals ready to fill in where clients need them. This allows us to fill in vacancies in our clients’ ranks with little cost and without delay.

We assigned one of our specialists to temporarily fill in the position and keep the project on track. At the same time, we continued to provide the service for which they originally hired us (which was to help the client take over and transition a statewide, healthcare administration platform into its organization).

Fortuna BMC deployed 20 specialists, who rendered over 30,000 hours of work. In addition to providing remote staffing, we also offered coaching and training for the client’s team. This effectively doubled the benefits they received from Fortuna BMC’s services.

Find out more about this case study.

“Fortuna was able to backstop our work when we hit the perfect storm – the surprise loss of a necessary contributor to a high-pressure project that was well underway. Fortuna BMC had the necessary operators in their pocket when we needed them.”

– EPMO Director

Benefits Offered as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Consulting Firm

In addition to our expertise in staffing and client support, we also bring unique benefits that businesses only get when they partner with a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) consulting company.

SDVOBs are prioritized for government contracts under the Vets First Contracting Program of the Veteran Affairs (VA). Companies that subcontract services to Fortuna BMC may, therefore, have better chances of winning contracting projects with government offices and agencies. Large companies that are still short of their obligation to offer contracts to SDVOBs can also meet their requirement by hiring Fortuna BMC.

Reap the benefits of our staffing expertise and the privileges that you can only get from SDVOB companies. Contact us for a free consultation.

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