5 Perks That Will Convince Top Talent to Choose Your Company

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Finding the right candidate for the job is essential in ensuring your company thrives. However, convincing top talent to choose your company over others can be challenging. 

Factors that can sway a prospective employee to choose your company over the competition vary from person to person. Your compensation package has a significant influence on their decision, but, as the aftermath of the Great Resignation made clear, employee benefits matter just as much as the size of the salary you’re paying them. 

If you’re having difficulty attracting the people to work for your company, offering them the benefits listed in this article may tip the scales in your favor. 

Health Insurance

The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating to most, and it remains a reminder of the importance of health. Physical and mental wellness for employees should be at the top of any company’s priorities: it lets potential hires know that your organization cares about their well-being. 

What’s more, adding employer-sponsored health coverage to your benefits package doesn’t just help with recruitment: it also boosts retention rates. About 56% of respondents to a survey by America’s Health Insurance Plan (AHIP) stated that health insurance is a key factor in their decision to remain at their current job.  

Flexible Work Hours

Companies have stuck with the 9-5 work routine for decades, and many don’t feel the need to change this. However, employees nowadays are looking for flexibility when it comes to their work schedules. 

The main reason for this perk is the need for employees to maintain a reasonable work-life balance. Giving potential employees the opportunity to take more control over their lives improves your company’s chances of being a preferred employer. 

Remote Work Options

Because of the pandemic, both organizations and workers discovered that remote work is a viable alternative to going to the office. While there are still industries that need people to work onsite, many companies were able to function while letting their employees work from home, which has made remote work a non-negotiable for many candidates. Offering remote work also gives your company leverage over other businesses that don’t offer the same perk. 

Retirement Benefits

If you’re looking for employees that will stay with your company for a long time, it’s in your best interests to give them enough reasons to spend their entire professional careers with you. Providing retirement benefits will help employees see your company as one that cares for the long-term security of their people. 

Education and Career Growth

Employees value a company that offers opportunities for career advancement. If your company provides a clear and achievable path to promotion, candidates will look at your company more favorably. 

Some also look for companies that have a positive attitude toward continuing education. Giving employees the chance to expand their skill set with tuition subsidies and schedules that permit postgraduate studies will help your company in the long run. 

Build Your Team with Help from the Experts

Convincing potential employees to choose your organization requires a strategic approach: offering more and better benefits are just part of the equation. While these benefits go a long way, establishing a positive and people-centric company culture can go a long way toward convincing top talent to work for you.  

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